from by Dead Holland



While the maggots from your cunt rip you apart and leave nothing
Im'a rip out all of your teeth, so your mouth is my next fucking
When I'm done, no one will find you
Because your body has decayed
If I go to hell, I'm taking you with me to feed my seeds
The ones I left in your mouth
While I sat and watched your gums bleed
How does it feel to taste my cum?
Atleast you know who it was from
Your life is as worthless as mine, but so selfish,
I hope you burn alive
With your fucked up family
I can see why no one likes you
All you do is back stab everyone
This is the last day you are alive
And you will get what you always strive
Attention, Bleed!


from Black Tide EP, released September 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Dead Holland Wauchula, Florida

We are an aggressive slam band from Wauchula, FL just doing what we love. We hope you enjoy our EP!

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